Vani-T’s Mineral Cosmetics are made from minerals in their purest form, giving you a flawless airbrushed finish, unlike anything you’ve experienced in conventional makeup. Vani-T’s superior formulations uses light reflecting minerals to give the most luminous complexion imaginable.

All of Vani-T’s products:

  • Are rich in natural and organic ingredients
  • Contain NO mineral oils or paraffin
  • Contain NO parabens
  • Contain NO sulphates or phylates
  • Contain NO talc or bismuth oxychloride
  • Contain NO DEA or TEA
  • Contain NO artificial colours*
  • DO NOT participate in animal testing
  • Are high in vitamins, active ingredients, luscious natural oils and pure botanicals

Free samples available for Vani-T products!

Vani-T has experienced massive growth and is now available in over 15,000 stockists in 10 countries including the USA, UK, Europe, Canada and New Zealand. Vani-t products have been voted best in their category time and time again in leading beauty/ fashion magazines, and are used by countless celebrities, make-up artists and models around the world.

*Tanning solutions contain safe colours not derived from nature as natural colours leave a sticky residue on the skin.